Centralised Online Booking System in numbers

Centralised Online Booking System

Software Solution Case Study

Client: Kids Play Childcare
Project Title: Online Booking
Launch Date: 14 April 2015

The Brief

Kids Play had been operating using a Roman Cart ecommerce platform. The primary issues with this platform was the enormous maintenance overhead, for example, adding new booking sessions was taking over a week using several Excel spreadsheets.

Although the original site was a functional ecommerce store it wasn't optimised for booking events and childcare. Therefore, the detail of the bookings was not recorded adequately and relied on email and Outlook rules to distribute booking details to venue managers to manually transfer the booking details into Parenta (software package).

The client reviewed many off the shelf alternatives and quickly concluded a bespoke system would be much more efficient.

So the brief was created to:

  • Build a system which would serve the booking facility to 18+ venues using multiple payment gateways and through several external web sites.
  • Include the ability to use childcare vouchers.
  • Include the ability for parents to register their children by converting the paper based application process to an online experience.
  • Include the ability for parents to review their own bookings with a 'my account' page.
  • Allow the booking process to be styled to suit the venue.
  • Allow some venues to run a membership scheme.
  • Ability to purchase multi-ticket day passes to use as payment on later bookings.
  • Ability to add multi-level discount structures covering Early Booking, Sibling Discounts, Discount codes and Multi-buy.
  • Ability to operate a loyalty reward system.
  • The administration of the sites and parents to be available to multiple staff members with them only seeing the detail of the venue they are responsible for.
  • Have a clear session register for pickup, dropoff and attendance tracking.
  • Parent notification process.
  • Full Financial reporting and childcare voucher reconciliation functions.

The Solution

We built the centralised booking solution as a .NET application with Microsoft SQL Server running on a Microsoft Azure Platform. The booking system is administered through a web browser on any device. Currently there are 64 administrators where venues, sessions, parents, children can be looked after. These users also have access to dashboards and reports to manage the individual venues.

To facilitate the multi-website approach, we then created a set of JQuery scripts which are severed centrally for easy enhancement and maintenance.

These JQuery scripts create the user interface dynamically using HTML and CSS and talk behind the scenes to the main booking application.

This allowed us to deploy a single JQuery script and CSS file on the host web site making integrating new web sites a simple process and includes content managed web sites such as WordPress.


Since the inception of the system, we have continuously worked with Kids Play to enhance and optimise the solution.

For example, the booking system was originally created based on two separate SagePay payment gateways but since the system has been running this has extended to CardStream and UPG too.

Another enhancement to the system as the integration with InfusionSoft's CRM where registrations and bookings are tagged live to ensure the marketing team have access to up-to-date information.

We have also added a SMS late booking procedure to the venue manager is aware of additional pickups.

We have also enhanced the membership processes to include a VIP system where parents booking 10+ sessions automatically qualify for additional discounts.

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VISION Health & Safety Management Platform

VISION Health & Safety Management SaaS Platform

SaaS Case Study

Project Title:SaaS
Development Date: July 2018

The Brief

VISIONMP Ltd. required a suite of health & safety services and tools as a cloud based application.

This system needed to offer a complete set of tools to create, record and complete important health & safety procedures/documentation such as RIDDOR, CoSHH and risk assessments.

The Solution

The core of the solution was to develop a cloud-based, database driven ASP.NET application.

We had to develop this system with growth at the forefront of our minds due to a quickly-expanding user base. Using an efficient JavaScript front-end to maintain system responsiveness coupled with dynamic cloud hosting to keep both client costs controlled and the user base satisfied.

The system provides H&S templates to help users record their information and use charting and analysis with RAGing (Red, Amber, Green) based dashboards to quickly inform where they need to focus their attention. Reporting is PDF based documentation which is dynamically created throughout the system.

The development of VISION is ongoing, we regularly meet to plan and develop enhancements to the system.

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The Training Matrix Module of the VISION platform
GP Surgery Web Sites

Angel Hill GP Surgery Web Sites

Doctors Surgery Web Sites

Client: Angel Hill Surgery
Project Title: Web Site
Launch Date: July 2019

The Brief

With clear guidelines coming from the Care Quality Commission, Angel Hill Surgery wanted to redesign their website to allow the important information to be available and found quickly and easily resulting in reducing reception staff time who previously provided this information.

The solution also needed to be easy to maintain in-house.

The Solution

We recommended a WordPress based web site which is a great platform for building a web site with excellent administration facilities to help keep the new web site up-to-date.

However, WordPress offers many themes but not many of them are suitable for a GP Surgery. Working closely with the Practice Manager we developed a bespoke theme for the website incorporating their colour scheme and integrating the building image into the styling. We also developed a control panel to provide instant access to the most inportant services alongside a dynamic date widget showing when prescriptions can be collected.

Certain requirements by the CQC meant that the 'Healthwatch' third-party widget needed to be prominent on the home page, this is dynamically and constantly updated without intervention.

Much of the work behind the scene was specifically aimed at mobile responsiveness and creating a solution which is very easy to use.

Other Surgeries

Angel Hill Surgery is part of Bury St Edmunds leading Patient Care Network. This network also includes Swan & Forest Surgery, Guildhall & Barrow Surgery, Victoria Surgery and Mount Farm Surgery.

Top Dog is pleased to be working with 4/5 of this PCN over the last 5 years, our experience in GP Surgery web sites has grown and we have a toolbox of widgets and gadgets which can help us deliver a flexible cost effective solution which is trully bespoke for each one.

Working slightly further afield we have also built the Woolpit Health Centre web site, bringing them all the benefits of our expertise and toolbox so they too have the ability to update and maintain their web site.

If you would like to refresh your GP Surgery web site, please call us on 01284 848048 to arrange a no obligation chat, we would be happy to talk through your requirements.

In the Meantime, here are some links to the great work we have produced.

GJ Bream WordPress website with bespoke theme
GJ Bream WordPress website with bespoke theme

GJ Bream WordPress website with bespoke theme

Web Site Case Study

Client: GJ Bream
Project Title: Web Site
Launch Date: 14th October 2022

The Brief

GJ Bream Ltd are builders and contractors who are proud to offer a high quality and professional service. After their previous website had not been updated for many years, GJ Bream were looking for a much more modern and distinctive website.

With a great reputation in the area, they were focusing on having a web site which stood out from the crowd - both parties like the idea of exploring a fish swimming approach.

With a requirement to easily update the content, we agreed on using Word Press as the chosen platform.

The Solution

Whilst WordPress is a great base platform for building a web site. However, unless you can find a pre-built template which works perfectly then that's where it can get very fustrating.

Top Dog Digital can help in this situation by developing a bespoke template to meet with ALL the requirements EXACTLY how you want them presented.

Working closely with the team we developed a bespoke theme for the web site, complete with updatable projects & services pages, to showcase what GJ Bream has to offer.

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