Centralised Online Booking System in numbers

Centralised Online Booking System

Software Solution Case Study

Client: Kids Play Childcare
Project Title: Online Booking
Launch Date: 14 April 2015

The Brief

Kids Play had been operating using a Roman Cart ecommerce platform. The primary issues with this platform was the enormous maintenance overhead, for example, adding new booking sessions was taking over a week using several Excel spreadsheets.

Although the original site was a functional ecommerce store it wasn't optimised for booking events and childcare. Therefore, the detail of the bookings was not recorded adequately and relied on email and Outlook rules to distribute booking details to venue managers to manually transfer the booking details into Parenta (software package).

The client reviewed many off the shelf alternatives and quickly concluded a bespoke system would be much more efficient.

So the brief was created to:

  • Build a system which would serve the booking facility to 18+ venues using multiple payment gateways and through several external web sites.
  • Include the ability to use childcare vouchers.
  • Include the ability for parents to register their children by converting the paper based application process to an online experience.
  • Include the ability for parents to review their own bookings with a 'my account' page.
  • Allow the booking process to be styled to suit the venue.
  • Allow some venues to run a membership scheme.
  • Ability to purchase multi-ticket day passes to use as payment on later bookings.
  • Ability to add multi-level discount structures covering Early Booking, Sibling Discounts, Discount codes and Multi-buy.
  • Ability to operate a loyalty reward system.
  • The administration of the sites and parents to be available to multiple staff members with them only seeing the detail of the venue they are responsible for.
  • Have a clear session register for pickup, dropoff and attendance tracking.
  • Parent notification process.
  • Full Financial reporting and childcare voucher reconciliation functions.

The Solution

We built the centralised booking solution as a .NET application with Microsoft SQL Server running on a Microsoft Azure Platform. The booking system is administered through a web browser on any device. Currently there are 64 administrators where venues, sessions, parents, children can be looked after. These users also have access to dashboards and reports to manage the individual venues.

To facilitate the multi-website approach, we then created a set of JQuery scripts which are severed centrally for easy enhancement and maintenance.

These JQuery scripts create the user interface dynamically using HTML and CSS and talk behind the scenes to the main booking application.

This allowed us to deploy a single JQuery script and CSS file on the host web site making integrating new web sites a simple process and includes content managed web sites such as WordPress.


Since the inception of the system, we have continuously worked with Kids Play to enhance and optimise the solution.

For example, the booking system was originally created based on two separate SagePay payment gateways but since the system has been running this has extended to CardStream and UPG too.

Another enhancement to the system as the integration with InfusionSoft's CRM where registrations and bookings are tagged live to ensure the marketing team have access to up-to-date information.

We have also added a SMS late booking procedure to the venue manager is aware of additional pickups.

We have also enhanced the membership processes to include a VIP system where parents booking 10+ sessions automatically qualify for additional discounts.

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Petlife Web Site in performance numbers

"...we have doubled the number of orders and the amount made in this first year. The Petlife site alone has made more orders and money than the old website which was Petlife and Harkers combined."

Pets Love Online Shopping

Web Site Case Study

Client: Petlife and Harkers
Project Title: Web Site
Launch Date: December 2015

The Brief

Petlife and Harkers used to be a combined ecommerce site. However, the target audiences are completely different. Therefore, the brief was to split the web sites and base these on a self-managed platform. The web site needs to provide a trade user area do allow the company to publish promotional materials.

The Solution

The core solution we created was two separate WordPress web site using WooCommerce as the online store.

With hundreds of products the major challenge was getting this catalogue uploaded with their corresponding images and videos. We provided a framework for this process and training for their staff to accomplish this easily.

Using specific plugins and custom widgets we developed, we added the functionality for the trade/stockist users, including separate user accounts and a self-managed store locations.

WordPress Customisation

  • the checkout
  • flip PDF viewer integration
  • automated email functions
  • cart based shipping rules
  • customised product tabs
  • FAQ functionality
  • Product pricing deals
  • Contact list and newsletter subscription
  • Carousel and Slider enhancements

With enhanced integration with Google Analytics and enhanced reporting over the previous web site, Petlife now have all the tools to measure the success of their new web site.

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Continuous Profesional Development Software Performance

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Software Solution Case Study

Client: inet3 Limited
Project Title: Continuous Professional Development
Launch Date: January 2016

The Brief

A client of ours, inet3 Limited, which is a leading insurance company based in Bury St Edmunds approached us with a specific requirement to track the compliance of their staff and broker network on their specific product range.

Although there were several CPD software applications available, none of them were a good fit for the business through either the functionality or the continued per staff costs.

The solution needed to offer:

  • Internal and External user base.
  • The creation of training modules to deliver the questions and associated reference material.
  • Assign modules to individuals and groups.
  • Allow time sensitive and recurring modules.
  • Record the efforts taken to complete each module.
  • Motivational certification and medals drive the compliance through the organisation.
  • Multi-dimensional on demand reporting

The Solution

The core solution was developed in .NET with a Microsoft SQL Database at the heart. The front-end web site utilises JQuery scripts to dynamically build the user interface and talk securely to the backend of the system.

There is one interface for both users and administrators which keeps the whole thing simple to use and accessible from any web browser on any device.

The modules themselves are really easy to administer, creating new modules, adding questions and associated multiple choice answers couldn't be simpler. We have also provided the ability to include simple text based answers, image answers, sound and video files with HTML5 compatibility to make it flexible too.

Once the modules are created, these can then be assigned to users individually or through groups of users. Setting remimders which trigger on the run up to the modules expiry date.

We also understand that nobody is perfect, so modules can be set to allow multiple attempts and customisable pass marks before declaring the user has failed the module.


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Snakes and Ladders Customised Navigation for their Web Site

"Top Dog Digital helped us to re-design our website following a major brand upgrade. They were both ready and able to help us refine our ideas and make them reality. All of the inevitable updates are effected quickly and with the minimum of fuss and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others needing a combination of technical expertise, efficiency and creative flair." Dingle Kirkwood
Snakes and Ladders Adventure Playgrounds

Snakes and Ladders WordPress with bespoke theme and navigation

Web Site Case Study

Client: Snakes and Ladders
Project Title: Web Site
Launch Date: 23rd March 2016

The Brief

Snakes and Ladders is a company which offers fun and excitement to their customers. After going through a re-branding exercise, they required a web site which can take this new style and reflect their personality online.

They also needed a solution which can easily be maintained and their chosen platform was WordPress.

The Solution

WordPress is a great base platform for building a web site. However, unless you can find a pre-build template which works perfectly then that's where we come to the rescue.

Working closely with the team we developed a bespoke theme for the web site and adapted the navigation structure so that Snakes and Ladders could publish its four geographic sites in one location.

Adding movement in the navigation and a randomised colour scheme addressed the fun element of their overall offering to match their venue interior design.

Much of the work behind the scene was specifically aimed at mobile responsiveness and creating a solution which is very easy to use.

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