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Result Focused Design

Let us help you create something memorable.

You want to stand out in business so your website must send out the right message.

We cut through the confusion by providing a friendly and pro-active approach every step of the way.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their website is unique and gets the results they want.

The Top Dog service:

  • Online website design and content
  • Offline print design and media creation
  • Bespoke programming and application development
  • SEO and marketing
  • Logo design with brand development
  • Full analytics support
Software Solution Case Study



We are very proud to maintain a close and communicative connection with clients.

We continue to work closely with the clients to ensure their solution evolves just as their business does.

VISION was commissioned to be a suite of health & safety services and tools, to be presented and sold as a cloud-based application. We have maintained a close and consistent relationship with the client, VISIONMP Ltd., to concieve, discuss and implement enhancements to the application.

With many active users a day, we ensured that the application operates efficiently and smoothly.

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Software Solution Case Study

Centralised Online Booking System

Bespoke Centralised Online Booking System

We have worked with Kids Play for more than 20 years producing a website incorporating a bespoke booking system.

The multi-payment gateway allows the client to take payments from across all 26 venues in the East of England and North London. The bespoke payment area has an easy-to-deploy front end and is also compatible with childcare vouchers.

The centralised online booking system has seen a massive increase in financial transactions on the website with full recording and reporting systems also available.

The system has also increased productivity and seen a drop in the overall maintenance of the website.

We have also worked closely with the client's existing marketing company to design and produce literature, posters, animated banners, cards and flyers across all digital and traditional media.

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WordPress GP Themed Web Site

GP Surgery Web Sites

GP Surgery Web Sites

Top Dog are now working with 5 GP Surgeries within Bury St Edmunds and surrounding areas. We have created a GP Surgery optimised theme which allows the use of individual styles along with the widgets we have created to provide a platform to meet the CQC requirements.

The theme includes:

  • Bespoke styling for each surgery
  • Information slides to notify patients of important information
  • Reduced receptionist time by offering easily accessible control area with quick links to prioritised activities, and a prescription pickup date reminder.
  • WordPress's amazingly easy to edit pages and site structure, Top Dog provide training for your administration team
  • Top Dog offer image and photographic support where requried
  • Fully responsive web site which can be accessed from any internet enabled device

Read more about Angel Hill Surgery has transformed their online profile with our GP Surgery Theme.

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Web Site Packages

Our affordable web design packages are designed to get results fast.

But don't be fooled by the term 'packages'.

There might be some common themes but no two packages are the same.

We will offer you a carefully created and bespoke service and take the stress out of building a website, allowing you to simply concentrate on running your business.

Web Site Case Study

GJ Bream - Standing out from the crowd

Snakes and Ladders Web Site

We believe that no two websites should be the same, even if they are built on the same platform or within the same package.

For example, a restaurant's website should clearly look and feel different to GJ Bream.

The GJ Bream website shows what can be achieved on WordPress.

The unique, professional and sleek design is in keeping with the client's ethos and industry.

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Who have we worked with?

Our designers have worked with many top brands in both online and offline campaigns.

Abbeycroft Leisure Bickers Action Bury Past and Present Society C&C Training Total Food Machines Hygiene4Less Kidsplay Childcare NHS Surgeries Odds Farm Park Palace House Newmarket Sheridans Tailormade Resources Thurston Building Services (TBS)Team C Logistics Tirindrish House WiSHFarm Day NurseriesGJ BreamSteve LumleyAbel HomesU3A Bury Saint Edmunds