Does one size fit all?

The simple answer is no.
Is your business the same as your competitors?
Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

At Top Dog Digital, we understand your company is different in many ways from your competition. So your website needs to reflect this and reflect your ethos, values and personality.

We work with you every step of the way to match the appropriate technology, content and design to deliver an on-point focused website, perfectly suited to achieve your goals.

Of course, we can build you a WordPress website with an off-the-shelf theme. This cookie cutter approach to your brand and marketing communication may be a little cheaper but your website ends up looking the same with different pictures.

Being different does not necessarily mean expensive. We are priced competitively and the first step to achieving your perfect website is free – just by giving us a call today.

Let us help you stand out from the crowd.

Measuring up!

We are measured by our success, so when we work together we will show you how you can measure the success of your project to realise the return of your investment either monetarily, with brand recognition or goodwill. We will also advise you the best way to integrate all your existing communications with your online presence.

If you are ready to start...
Give us a buzz on the dog and bone!

Websites & hosting

So how does it all work?

The first step is always to invite you into our offices in the centre of Bury St Edmunds for a coffee and a chat. We talk about what you are looking to achieve and then build you a website with its own unique look and feel, backed up with the functionality for effective business online.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of businesses of all sizes, understanding perfectly the different needs of a small start-up company to large ecommerce ventures.

Want to manage content yourself? No problem, we can do that too.

We guarantee that your website will be as individual as your organisation. We want you to feel proud to own a Top Dog Digital website.

Responsive websites

Responsive is not a buzz word, nor an excuse to charge you more money.

It's a standard feature we feel all new websites should have. It means your new website will look great and 'respond', no matter whether you are viewing it on a desktop, tablet or mobile.


We don't want you to worry about the technology - that's what we are here for.

However, we have exceptional experience with HTML, Javascript, CSS, WordPress, Woo Commerce and ASP.Net.

So if you are looking for a specific approach, you can be confident we have the right skills to deliver your request.

Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Websites perform much better when they have visitors. We offer a full SEO programme to suit your needs and enhance your unpaid organic search engine ranking position.

This includes:

  • Keyword research and site optimisation
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Off page marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords campaign
  • Full SEO reporting including social media analytics


We might live in a world where digital media is fast becoming king. But there will always be times when printed materials are needed.

Our design team all proudly come from a print background and have the experience to create print-ready artwork of the utmost quality.

Look at 'Our Work' to see just some of the ways we can support your company through business cards, flyers, brochures, exhibition stands and so much more.

Software & Online Applications

Sometimes a website just isn't enough. Sometimes you want to achieve even more.

Our industry knowledge and technical expertise of web development allows us to develop online applications, from standalone to fully-integrated enterprise solutions.

We have the ability to build bespoke web applications, sites and portals for your internet-accessible projects, increasing user engagement and productivity by providing real-time interaction with your organisation's systems.

We use an agile approach to web development so our products are modular and we work closely with you so changes and evolution in your organisation are taken into consideration during the lifecycle of the project.

The end result? The final product is exactly what you expect and you see results faster.

Photography & Aerial Images

Your digital productions and especially your web site really pop when combined with excellent photography.

We have many years experience in professional photography and more recently we are now starting to offer aerial photography and videos using drones.

Drones are the best way to capture situations from an interesting angle, more then that, we have noticed a better user engagement with web sites which display these videos. So the getting a professional to capture and edit this footage is a critical business advantage.